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Better versions of the food you love.

You don't have to give up some of your favorite foods in order to eat better. Just choose ones that are better for you.


Our most popular healthy living products

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Creamy and Dreamy...and oh-so-satisfying any time of day!

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Vanilla pudding and shake mix...mix it up your way!

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Bread is back!

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Has 17g of Soluble Fiber per oz. Helps support bowel health.

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Craving a delicious pasta? This Fusilli cooks fast and complements your favorite vegetables and proteins.

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It's berry berry yummy!

Eating better never tasted so good.

Our high-protein, low carb foods have cleaner ingredients and are often preservative-free, soy-free, non-GMO and they taste phenomenal.

Our supplements are also a good way to get essential nutrients, boost your immunity and promote a healthy digestive tract.


Shop Lindora Nutrition bundles so you can better plan for your daily needs

Chocolate Snack Attack

Crispy Cocoa Crunch Bar

Chocolate Shake in a Bottle

Dark Chocolate Wafers

Gut Glory

Concentrated Greens

Gut Love

Pro Fiber

Balanced Body

Daily Super Multi-Vitamins

Fiber Gummies



Trust a brand that's been helping people for 50 years

Holistic Approach

A healthy body isn't just the result of what you eat, but of everything you’re giving your body. We look at the whole picture and help you determine what your body needs to thrive.

Quality Products

Lindora Nutrition offers a wide variety of high-protein, low-carb snacks, meals, and supplements that you can feel good about.

Rooted in Science

Our roots are in medical nutrition and everything we make is overseen by our triple-board certified Chief Medical Office, Dr. Amy Lee.


Discover how Lindora inspires healthy living through our stories and articles

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Why Sleep is so Important for Weight Loss

Given the amount of stress and sensory stimulation in the world today, nearly everyone has suffered from insomnia...


Loved by people who aim to live healthier

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