Born in California in 1971.

A leader in health & wellness for decades

Lindora has been at the forefront of the healthy lifestyle movement since it began in California in the early 70's.

Since then, our unique, medically backed approach has helped people eat better, lose weight, establish healthier habits and reduce the risk of disease.


Our mission & promise

Most of us make really bad decisions when it comes to eating and taking care of ourselves. We're out to change all that.

We're committed to helping people make better food choices and improving overall nutrition so people can live their best, healthiest lives.

Our promise is to offer you high quality products you can feel good about. Products that are rooted in science, taste great and help you meet your overall wellness goals.


Meet Our Expert


Dr. Amy Lee

Lindora has always been at the forefront of the weight management and wellness field. Now, one of the most noted experts in the health and wellness space, Dr. Amy Lee, is leading Lindora’s medical practice.

Dr. Amy Lee has been Lindora’s Chief Medical Officer since 2016. She oversees all of Lindora Nutrition's products and our weight loss and wellness programs in our 33 Southern California weight loss clinics.

Clinical Credentials

Dr. Lee is triple board certified in internal medicine, medical nutrition and obesity medicine. Her life’s work and passion have been to help people improve their health through weight loss and wellness solutions. She has treated more than 15,000 patients over the course of her career and continues to help thousands of Lindora patients reach their wellness goals.

Dr. Lee’s educational background began at the University of Washington where she completed her undergraduate studies, followed by four years at the University of Illinois where she obtained her medical degree. She completed her internal medicine residency at USC followed by a clinical nutrition fellowship at UCLA.


Dr. Lee’s clinical research training in medical nutrition at UCLA combined with years of experience in medical weight management have made her a leading expert in the weight loss and wellness field.

Dr. Lee’s knowledge of the health and wellness space is comprehensive and includes expertise in individualized weight loss plans, lifestyle modification through education, food-medicine interactions, nutrition requirements for bariatric surgery patients, wellness education and restricted caloric intake. She also has extensive knowledge in ketogenic eating plans, diabetes prevention, lean protein superfoods, anti-inflammatory foods, functional foods and essential vitamins and supplements.

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