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Not all keto foods are created equal. Lindora Nutrition
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Our most popular keto products

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Chocolate pudding or shake...your choice!

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Why go Lindora Keto?

A Keto Pioneer

Born in California in 1971, we were at the forefront of the healthy lifestyle movement and among the first to recommend a ketogenic (keto) eating plan.

Responsible Keto

We don't believe in high fat keto plans. Our food products are high in protein and low in carbs.

Rooted in Science

Our roots are in medical nutrition and everything we offer is overseen by our triple-board certified Chief Medical Office, Dr. Amy Lee.


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Low-carb Keto Granola, high-protein bread and hot cocoa.

Increase metabolism, suppress appetite and increase energy.


Keto living

What does keto mean?

The term keto comes from the word ketogenic and/or ketones. Ketones are produced as a byproduct of fat or lipid metabolism which is the body’s way of storing or breaking down fats. Ketogenic diets or eating plans are typically low in carbohydrates, and higher in proteins and/or fat. By reducing the amount of carbohydrates and increasing consumption of proteins, a person can put the body into “ketosis” which allows the body to burn stored fat for energy rather than glucose. For many people, a continued state of ketosis can lead to weight loss.

Are there different kind of keto diets?

The list of keto diets grows exponentially every year. And, it can be really confusing for people people who are looking to lose weight or simply adopt a healthier, keto lifestyle. Lindora Nutrition subscribes to the same keto regimen that we’ve had in place for nearly 50 years. Our low carb, high protein ketogenic eating plans have helped hundreds of thousands of people lose weight and live healthier and happier lives.

Is a high fat keto diet good for you?

Fad keto diets typically put high fat at the center of their eating plans – some as much as 75% of a person’s macronutrient ratio. But these diets are typically high in saturated fats which have been linked to heart disease. They also tend to be restrictive and not incorporate enough fiber from foods like grains and legumes. Lindora Nutrition encourages a more well-rounded ketogenic eating plan that incorporates vegetables, fruits and grains.


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